Welcome to Happy Valley Quilting

Happy Valley Quilting is located in the center of Pennsylvania.  We are only a jump away from State College but still within the charm of our renown Nittany Mountain and our sweeping valleys. Our ancestors have lived in this beautiful region for as early as the late 1700’s. We love the heirloom quilts from our different generations and that has created a special fondness for reproduction fabrics.

Happy Valley Quilting began as a dream to extend the love that we have for quilting to those who share that love. We know that no matter where you live there can never be enough quilts shops or enough fabric. Because of our passion for reproduction fabrics of all kinds, from Civil War to 1930’s, it is our goal to help quilters find the reproduction fabrics that they need to create heirlooms of their own.



There will be some upcoming changes to the website. We appreciate your patience. Feel free to contact me with any questions.